Our name 20 MONDI refers to these 20 worlds of Italy. Our job is to discover and share with you Italy’s unbelievable diversity.
And what is our guiding light? Italian regional wines.

Did you know that Italy has over 600 autochthonous grapes? Autochthonous means indigenous and, simply said, we love Italy’s superabundance of local grapes like nebbiolo, ribolla gialla and sangiovese just to name 3 of the hundreds of alternatives to the global ubiquitous standards like cabernet, merlot, and chardonnay. Each of Italy’s 20 regions boasts unique fruit that express the land it grows on. Many of these are the stars of some of the world’s most delicious and renowned wines.

We travel all over Italy’s 20 regions to discover and share with you unique Italian experiences. We’re constantly looking for that almost forgotten local grape whose wine beautifully expresses its land and culture. And we’ll find that perfect plate of creamy Piedmont porcini pasta or grilled Sicilian vegetables or that simmered Tuscan roast destined to be experienced with its local wine. We want to share with you our amazing stories about Italy’s regional food, wines and people who make them. Enjoy our writing, watch our videos and click through our photography.



Federico II’s Noble Red

A road trip in a vintage Lancia Zagato in northern Puglia to discover the wine-making grape Nero di Troia. Our protector and guide is the one and only (the spirit of) Federico II.



Franciacorta Next Generation

I ordered my first bottle of Franciacorta about 20 years ago, in a small restaurant in the West Village in New York. The waiter said: “It’s like Champagne… it’s an Italian Champagne!”.



Resurrecting An Ancient Grape

20 Mondi meets Enrico Togni, an independent winemaker in northern Italy, Val Camonica, guardian and evangelist of the rare autochthonous grape Erbanno.



Say Pignolo Like An Italian

We non-Italians are in love with your language. Dynamic, melodic, seductive and theatrical, just like the Italian people. A stereotype? I’d say not so far from the truth.

We make wine videos.

Road trip Italy with us.
Come with us on a 15,000 kilometer journey through the 20 worlds of Italian wines.

Our original 20 Mondi project, a road trip in a wine colored camper through Italy’s 20 worlds, is a close to our hearts work in progress. Get a taste of things to come by following our video stories, photography and news and discover with us Italy’s off the beaten path of wine and gastronomical treasures and its immense regional diversity of landscapes, climates and cultural traditions.

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The 20 Mondi Team


Michael grew up in Ohio, USA, watching the tv show Gilligan’s Island, eating warmed-up Spaghettios and guzzling Mountain Dews. He never imagined he’d end up living in Italy, dramatically improving his eating and drinking habits. He lives and works in Milan as a creative director, designer, photographer, video maker and Italian wine influencer. Michael travels extensively and has become a brazen lover of Italy’s awesome regional diversity and, of course, Italian autochthonous wines.


You can’t take the country out of a man but you can take him out of the country – at least during work hours. Born near Lodi, in the farmlands south of Milan, Alessandro is a staunch advocate of public transportation and still uses a dumbphone. A talented photographer and video maker with a keen eye for beauty in authenticity, Alessandro is passionate about Italian wines and determined to discover all of the 526 official wine zones in Italy and supply you with gorgeous visuals and entertaining videos.


Gianluca really knows how to get you excited about wine. Based in Milan, he is an experienced sommelier, a natural wine enthusiast and a gifted storyteller.  Together with his wife Maddalena, they are the founders and curators of Vinoir, the foremost natural wine shop in Italy. Gianluca has personally met thousands of wine producers and has become The Expert in the extraordinary world of natural, organic, biodynamic and permaculturale vini d’autore.

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